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July 8, 2011 by musehick

how’d do you start? with a story and such?

seems a valid question, no? well sometimes i get a weird image pop into my head and i jot it down and the thing will start to run from there – i don’t necessarily have any idea where the thing is going to go but it is born with its leg pumping and it hits the ground running. sometimes a character name will suggest itself to me and then i start to think about what the hell a character would be doing – how did they come by their name? what’s their name worth, and what does it mean? the character starts to tell me the story. other times what i get is a title for a story – and then the whole narrative unpacks from the suggestion that title makes.

now in case that all sounds a bit random it is. but it isn’t the only means by which i arrive at a story idea – sometimes i will sit down and i will brainstorm in the same way that guitarists sit there and strum some chords until the hints of a tune emerge, i will sit there and roll words around in my head until something sticks to them.

the last couple of days i have been planning out, and when i say planning out i mean i have been writing down chapter headings, several stories which i am planning to release over the span of a year – one chapter a week, and then i will self publish the collection on lulu. i understand that getting it out on a regular basis is key to building an internet audience, and i am hoping that at the end when i am ready to publish it some of those readers will want to buy a hard copy. is it the best model of selling the written word out there? i don’t know, but it is something that i want to try. watch this space, or the other spaces that i occupy on the web and you will see these worlds i am creating spring into being and grow.


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