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July 7, 2011 by musehick

i spent a lot of today reading elephantmen by richard starkings – i have to say i am impressed, both with the artwork and with the writing. animals often provide a really useful distance for exploring things about human nature that straight up stories featuring humans themselves sometimes find difficult. if youu have humans who can be easily identified as representing some particular sector of society it can be a really interesting task trying to avoid stepping on people’s toes ( not to say that animal analogues don’t sometimes fall into this trap).

in star trek next generation, which i mentioned yesterday, the problems of Data the android cast an interesting light on what it is to be human. things which we take for granted as human beings, and states of affairs which we don’t question for the same lazy reason that we don’t appreciate a lot of things – because they are what we expect – these things can be looked at in a fresh and innovative way.

sure. sometimes these kind of moral fables can come off a little trite or a little glib, but elephantmen manages to avoid doing that. it is one of those stories that manages to make a point or several points while still managing to tell an actual story. the stories are fun and so is the art. i would definitely recommend it.

of my own work today, what can i say? i am planning the shape of my work for a while to come and i am plotting out stories, and i am also writing them. i also sat down today and planned out some new poetry projects. it is all moving.


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