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July 6, 2011 by musehick

I have been watching Star Trek: Enterprise, and  have to admit that it is an interesting experience. Each of the series has a different flavour and I definitely think a lot of that has to do with the leads.
The original series gave the impression that Kirk wanted to bone or shoot everything, making first contact a pretty dicey prospect.

Next Generation was the first series that had to handle Star Trek history and forge a new identity for itself and space exploration seemed to be more of thinking man’s game than a punch it or fuck it dynamic, and Patrick Stewart’s Jean-Luc Picard was the perfect captain.

Deep Space Nine was the first with a crew in a fixed position and the political and religious worlds of others moving through and rotating around a space station – it sometimes seemed like this show took itself too seriously but when it was being goofy the goofiness sometimes felt forced. I enjoyed some of the stories of this series but it never felt like it really found its feet.

Voyager, being zapped out into the middle of nowhere, meant that it could throw away the rulebook to a degree, at least as far as the aliens encountered. Like Deep Space Nine it suffered a little bit at the start from an unsure footing but it did eventually cut its own course, especially when the Borg made their appearance.
Enterprise had managed to work fairly well as a precursor to the first series and Captain Archer has that sense of wide-eyed wonder needed for the first captain with the Enterprise mission. I still really don’t like the theme tune, but whatever – it is no reason to dislike the series. When it first ran on UK tv I didn’t really see much more than a few scattered episodes, but with the whole thing on Netflix I am going to follow it through and see the whole thing.

Also, today I have dusted off the illustrations for Monkeyspank, my post apocalyptic flash fiction collection, and I will be editing that to completion asap.


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