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July 3, 2011 by musehick

it is nice to finally consume a meal which i have looked at on the menu for many years and never managed to consume – i am talking of moebius; he has a different and refreshing philosophy behind his work that he explores in short essays that either preface or follow his comics.

i am also talking a lot to my wife about the craft of writing and the construction of stories. she is studying a creative writing course and there are different tasks which comprise it that focus on different aspects of what makes a story. so i get asked questions too as the course progresses and in order to answer the questions i have to look at my own practices and codify them into some kind of thinking which can be explained.

so, as well as being offered an alternative way of doing things by moebius, i am also exploring what it is that i have been doing as i have been fashioning these fictional worlds i have created. sometimes the hall or mirrors that are creation and consumption catalyse you in a way you would not have previously thought possible – a collision of philosophies bearing fruit. it is always an enjoyable process, learning new things.


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