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June 30, 2011 by musehick

i used to have a number of collaborative efforts underway and now i don’t think i have any – sure i have a serial running on a website not owned by me, but as far as actual work that i am working on with someone else? that doesn’t really exist. why is that? well, some of the change in platforms that i was using that made it hard to have a social network tailored to your own needs without having to pay a monthly subscription, and it kind of died, and the scenes i had been a part of sort of fragmented. does the facebook group function adequately compensate for that or even provide anything like the functionality that was possible on some of these customisable social networks? for me they don’t, and primarily for the reason that stuff gets buried. they other thing is that with facebook it is a kitchen sink and everything type of place and there is rarely a separation out into fellow creative types and others – everyone gets the same thing from you when it dumps into your stream. now, an advantage of this is that you may have creators and potential audience cheek by jowl  but this is by no means guaranteed.

i was reading an interview with someone the other day who plugged into the art community and got a really good final product out of the work she did with them. i know that it is not impossible to get writers working together but have we cracked the practice quite as well as visual artists and other creative communities such as musicians and film-makers? well, the indie press seems to suggest it works, but i am thinking in terms of a single cohesive piece of work rather than a book or magazine that just collects the disparate output of its contributors.

facebook seems a random place to end up with your art or writing community – to be at the total effect of any changes facebook wants to bring in, and i know, at least for myself that the way the platform works is sometimes integral to the form the art takes. is it going to hurt to have to regularly react and adapt to the fashion driven updates of facebook? probably not, but i think i want once again to build something solid that stands for something and actually fosters a community spirit, rather than a random ragtag bunch of people dropping in occasionally when they remember to check their updates.


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