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June 29, 2011 by musehick

More documentaries today and digging in under the foundations of a few different beliefs that I thought were fairly solid. Folllowing on from yesterday I am wondering how far someone should be able to go to make a point. Being a biased person setting out to ask biased people is not going to get you unbiased opinion, so you have to hunt out people from all over the spectrum; that’s kind of understood in journalism, right?

Sitting down and editing the truth into something more closely aligned with your own opinion? That’s kind of fucked up, isn’t it? Cutting corners to get the thing you want is the embodiment of false economy because whatever victory you assure yourself is built on shaky ground, whereas if you represent to truth and people draw their conclusions purely from the truth the shaky leg on the chair isn’t going to come off and see you rolling around on the floor.

Seeing things made to not only shake but to fall apart leaves you , as someone who trusted the information, feeling somewhat stupid. Didn’t the people who you are targeting for their dishonesty do something that was bad enough in the first place without having to lie about things? When I studied  the media in school I thought iI had learned all about being a critical viewer and then I find that someone who spoke in terms I had adopted as my own had totally bypassed this ability just because they were criticising someone with whom I disagreed. Not that I wholesale buy the position of the people making the film that presents the opposing view, because how at the end of the day do I know they haven’t been tampering with editing? Well, you have to carefully sift through what is there and come down on one side or the other – pick and choose what seems truthful.

Information and disinformation are both built on the shifting sand of viewpoint and opinion. It gets hard to dig down to the truth in these situations. What feels right – do you go with that? It can have you ending up with egg on your face.


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