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June 27, 2011 by musehick

I have been a reading a lot of Moebius graphic novels lately and it is hard not to be inspired  by his vision – both in the visual sense and also the story-telling sensibility that he has. I like reading the short essays that he writes explaining his thinking behind the story-telling approach that he takes with each of his projects … it is a pretty refreshing attitude that he has, and I know that some of these things that ii am reading are, in a sense, already dated because the collections are old, but there are surprisingly few people who seem to have adopted his attitude and therefore it is still very valid; even it were the standard it would still be valid.

So, I suppose you might, if you were into such things, label the stories I have written in this last week for something I am calling Zeitgeist Squelch, as coming after Moebius, something I have obviously added what I like to think of as my own unique spin. I am looking at some kind of release model that staggers the amount of work out there for consumption that I have – or at least releasing things in a way that people can fall in love or out of hate with my work and then decide whether or not to buy the collected hard copy work. I have several projects which have not been put out on the web at the moment and I am looking at them and seeing whether I want them on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly release schedule, and then at the end of that the edited together final product will be ready to launch straight away. I am reading Warren Ellis on a regular basis and trying to see if the ideas that he is floating for digital comics can work with my own work – subscription, sponsorship, or some kind of system that allows me to actually get some kind of remuneration from the work which I am putting out there. Any ideas from the people who I see reading this page would be greatly appreciated.

I am looking to expand my operating basis and start turning out more work, and making the current work I have available in the kind of formats that people want … so if you are a regular reader or just someone passing through who appreciates what I do, drop me a line.


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