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June 22, 2011 by musehick

so, yesterday i did a fair bit of writing spread across different sites. i knocked out one on blog for blog’s sake on collecting, something i have done all my life. i wrote another story for ortoematic. i also started a new project of slice of life dramas that were kickstarted by reading joe sacco’s ‘palestine’ and adrian tomine’s optic nerve comics … reading some of these guys also fires up that dormant urge to draw some comics. i used to draw loads of comics when i was in school but i kind of got pushed away from art for some reason – probably something to do with my schooling where two of the courses i had were graphics based and required much more of me than i was able to cope with and so i majorly failed at keeping up with the workload. i don’t know if that would happen now – obviously i don’t have a teacher breathing down my neck or have anyone actually asking for the stuff to be made. back in the day the stuff i did was a lot more cartoony but now i would really like to be drawing something more along the lines of the representative art i used to be pretty good at.

well, the only way to get going on a project is get going on a project – can’t sit there and plan it out forever, or nothing gets done.


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