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June 20, 2011 by musehick

well, last week amounted to a pretty piss-poor showing on this site. i was pushing ahead to finish watching ‘battlestar galactica’ and got through a lot of tv viewing on netflix. i still don’t know entirely how i feel about the way the show ended, but then i am not sure it could have ended any other way. well, maybe – it kind of went for a pyrrhic victory rather than a straight up win or lose scenario, and the questions that were asked about the cylons and the human race throughout were definitely thought-provoking. did the pay-off match the run up though? well, i am not entirely satisfied with it – not in the way i was satisfied when ‘star trek: next generation’ ended or when ‘babylon 5’ ended, but i definitely did emotionally engage with all the characters in the show and i was moved by their plight, and it can definitely not be argued that any of the characters came across as two dimensional … they each had enough twists in their story and displayed enough depth of character when put through the wringer of the situations they were put through. the thing is i just don’t feel like series four was quite as lean and purposeful as the other series, and series three was something of a tour de force. it was left open enough that more stories could be told, and it might be interesting to see where that might go when considering the amount of different territory explored already.

i pondered for a while what to  watch next but then i remembered my aborted ‘lost’ mission and the marathon was on yet again.

another series i have invested a lot of time in is also approaching an end and it is going to be interesting to see how it gets wrapped up, and that is the’ freakangels’ by warren ellis. i am not a reader who needs happy endings, but i want an ending which both builds on what has gone before and one that has the same respect for the characters as the story did. if something gets dashed off and it doesn’t feel like as much care was taken over it … like it was just an attempt to wrap up something, then it can spoil the whole story.

i ground to a halt with stephen king’s ‘dark tower’ series when the fourth book seemed to take the piss out me as a reader and offer up something that seemed lazy. the fifth book partially rehabilitated my love of the series, despite being the magnificent seven in a fantasy setting, but the thought of what lay ahead in the remaining volumes (i read some spoilers) has prevented me from sitting down and ploughing through those volumes. an ending is an important component of a story and especially a series of stories. it is definitely something i think long and hard about with my own work and i hope i achieve it. a bad ending leaves the thing feeling incomplete, it makes your investment seem like a waste of time – it is like getting to the bottom of your bucket of KFC and finding a used condom.


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