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June 9, 2011 by musehick

I am constantly brainstorming and digging over the soil to prepare it for planting of new projects. I will sometimes come up with titles for stories way before I ever write them, and in some ways it is as if just opening the door to that prospective world by naming it does something … gets the alchemy boiling away under the surface. If the titles are for a short story book it is often the way that they coalesce to form some larger jigsaw and they send runners into each others worlds to fruit complexity.

Leaving the title alone for a while and then coming back to it often sees me in a totally different place to where I would have been if I had just sat down and wrote the story right off the bat. Introducing these fun little games into the process pulls and distorts your work from where it would have been if you had just settled into a comfort zone and a staid and boring routine of this is how I write.

In a similar vein I will name my book titles and write around a theme, or I will decide that this book is not going to have a unifying concept other than a certain amount of randomity and chaos. I like to keep myself on my toes and thus far, at least creatively for me, it is working.


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