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June 4, 2011 by musehick

i may be writing this at separate intervals today because i am going to be out doing things – we have a big art show at our church today with various artists displaying their work, so that should be pretty cool. last night i sat down and wrote some more instalments for the works i am premiering on goodreads – building slowly towards a whole host of books. i am going to start making sure that i edit the things i have sat there waiting to be completed as well – have lots of illustrations to do.

i have a few more serials which i want to get out there too; ones which i have written some instalments of, which i have not yet decided where to put them, or how to dispatch them. it is a constant thought process of how best to present these stories i want to tell. some of the larger web projects are going to be interesting when they finally morph into solid products … part of the whole structure seems somewhat antithetical to books, but we’ll see.


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