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June 2, 2011 by musehick

blogging platforms like wordpress are great – i remember when the amount i wrote was dictated by how much paper i had; man, sometimes even the story or the poem would be shaped by how large the page was that i was writing on. and so, after a fair number of years writing with those kinds of constraints i suddenly had a computer and electric paper so to speak and the potential kind of exploded in my mind and into my creative world. i was happy for a long time to be able to write what i wanted and i never ever thought about someone actually reading it. at that point there was a single stream by which one could reach the ocean of publication and it was guarded by the many-headed hydra that was the submissions trail. now, while this probably kept a myriad of literary abortions from being printed i am sure that there were many, which constitute a vast and valuable trove of literary tradition, that never saw the light of day and should – the internet changed the game for everyone; it changed for me definitely. i went from having no audience at all to having a group of like-minded friends, spread across a few different virtual writing communities, that encouraged me and even got me into print. through one of those groups i even managed to find myself a wife, a family, and a totally new life in a different country.

so, what is this new blog about? well, in some way it is probably very familiar ground for anyone that has followed me around for a while – it is a place for me to think and write in a more general way about anything and everything that strikes me as interesting. a new blog generally represents a new angle for me – a new way to approach the craft and to approach my life – it is, in effect, a new promise to deliver something different. the gimmick with this one? to put something here every day – to start that bloody journal i have always been threatening to write … an open letter to people and one to myself; a look behind the oz curtain maybe. we’ll see – here’s the first entry though: a hallo, and a shaking of the hand. welcome.


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